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MB Quart Phones 70 - Overview

MB Quart QP70
MB Quart QP70

QP70 are mid-line model of the early 90's lineup:

QP95, QP90, QP85, QP70, QP50, QP30, QP15, QP10

QP95 is semi-open top of the line model and QP70 seems to be a top closed model. They are very comfortable due to cardomatic suspension system. QP70 are fully closed headphones and they isolate well.

General Description of the Sound

Sound signature is typical bright and crisp MB Quart signature, however the bass is more pronounced than on other QP headphones I heard. With right EQ they are capable of deep nicely controlled bass.

Pricing & Other Data of Interest

MSRP was ~$150 in the early 90's. Looks like QP70 in a way was replaced by QP250 in the most current lineup. QP70 can still be found NOS on rare occasions for $40-$70

Technical Specifications:

Closed, Dynamic Acoustic Principle

Circumaural Design Principle

Frequency: 5 – 22.000 Hz

Impedance: 2 x 120 Ohms

Sensitivity: 96 dB

Nominal Power: 100 mW

Cable Length: 3 m

Connector: 6,3 mm

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